Apéritifs infused with botanicals and Vancouver Island spirit.


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Apéritifs: The original cocktail in a bottle

While we often enjoy making cocktails at home, what we really love doing is being able to pour something tasty straight out of the bottle over ice. That almost always tends to be Apéritif style wines like Vermouth. They're a perfect balance between herbal, bitter, sweet and acidity. It's the original cocktail in a bottle, but with hundreds of years of history and tradition.

We think that tradition should be made in Canada on Vancouver Island.  

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Rootside Bitters & Mixers

Rootside Bitters & Mixers

Made on Vancouver Island.

Back in 2015 we started a small soda company called Rootside Soda producing a line of soda syrups made with whole botanicals and fresh juice. That cascaded into a love affair with cocktails and Apértifs that we couldn't resist diving into. After 2.5 years of botanical and winemaking research, we released our Rosso Vermouth in July 2019 and won a Gold Medal at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirit Awards. In 2021, our Rosso Vermouth, Dry Vermouth and Kina-Rouge all took home the coveted Double-Gold Award.

All our Apértifs are Mead (honey wine) based using BC honey and made in Esquimalt, BC, on the border of British Columbia's capital city, Victoria. Sign up for our Newsletter to get exclusive first access to new releases and insider info.  


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