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375ml - 16.8% Alc./Vol.

Single Barrel Limited Release - Only 533 bottles were filled from this barrel! Once it's gone, it's gone!

When we found out Stillhead Distillery was emptying out some whisky casks, we drove straight up the Malahat to convince them to let us fill the barrels back up with our Rosso Vermouth. They agreed!  Within two hours of the cask being emptied, it was back in Esquimalt and full of Vermouth!  This is the start of a new cask-series were we age our Vermouth in a variety of used barrels from different distilleries across BC. Each release will be totally unique and never to be repeated again. 

Cask type: Refill American Oak, 200L
1st fill - Bourbon, 2nd fill - Stillhead Rye Whisky
Aged for 12 months from Dec. 2019 to December 2020

Caramel, vanilla, rye spice and antique wood lay on the shoulders of our signature Rosso Vermouth. This is a special one folks. Enjoy it! Word on the street is Stillhead Distillery will be releasing their first Rye Whisky soon - this and that in a Manhattan! Booya!

Produced and bottled by Rootside Provisions Ltd.

Winery License #308286