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ESQUIMALT - Vermouth & Apéritifs

Rosemary Grapefruit - Amaro Spritz

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6.9% Alc./Vol. 750ml
Bubbly, bitter and bright grapefruit with a touch of rosemary.

Drawing from the traditions of the Italian Aperitivo Hour we made this Amaro Spritz for patios and sunshine. An approachable introduction into the world of Vermouth, Amaro and all things Apéritif.

It was made by fermenting Wildflower Mead completely dry and then adding fresh grapefruit rinds that we got from our friends at Good Life Juice, in Nanaimo, as a by-product of their own grapefruit juicing! We then added dried rosemary and a touch of wormwood and quinine to amp up the bitterness. Best enjoyed chilled, preferably outside in the sun eating barbecue. Watch out for sneaky seagulls!

Produced and bottled by Rootside Provisions Ltd. Winery License #308286