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Esquimalt Vermouth & Apéritifs

Our Apéritifs explore the wonderful world of botanically infused wines made from British Columbian honey. From dry and bubbly, to bold, sweet and bitter, our apéritifs are sure to delight.


Rosso Vermouth, 500ml

Wholesale $21.44, MSRP $32.98

Bianco Vermouth, 500ml

Wholesale $21.44, MSRP $32.98

Dry Vermouth, 500ml

Wholesale $21.44, MSRP $32.98

Kina-Salal, 500ml

Wholesale $25.98, MSRP $39.98

Kina-Blanc, 500ml *NEW*

Wholesale, $23.98 / MSRP, $36.89

Bitter Orange, 500ml *NEW*

Wholesale, $23.98 / MSRP, $36.89

Vino Miele Limoncello, 500ml

Wholesale $21.44, MSRP $32.98

Palmer's Spiced Apple, 500ml


Wholesale $21.44, MSRP $32.98

Rosso Vermouth

500ml - Wholesale, $21.44 / MSRP, $32.98

SKU 250583 UPC 628011812223

Awarded Double-Gold at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Gold at the 2020 competition.

17.5% Alc./Vol. Made in the style of a traditional Italian Rosso Vermouth, but with enough Vancouver Island character to stand on its own. Thirty-two different botanicals are precisely extracted into a continuously aged Solera and then added to our fortified blueberry-blossom mead to create a sweet vermouth tailor made for classic cocktails like a Negroni, Martinez or Manhattan. Frequently enjoyed over ice, perhaps topped with sparkling water.

Bianco Vermouth

500ml - Wholesale, $21.44 / MSRP, $32.98

SKU 250975 UPC 628011812247

18% Alc./Vol. Lemon peel, vanilla and garden herbs spring to life in this delightful apéritif, aromatized by our continuously aged botanical Solera. Bianco is often used to substitute a Rosso Vermouth where a lighter cocktail variation is desired. Sought after and adored by curious seagulls across Vancouver Island for its charming herbaceous and bitter qualities.Best enjoyed on ice with a lemon twist or olive and perhaps topped with sparkling water. 

Dry Vermouth

500ml - Wholesale, $21.44 / MSRP, $32.98

SKU 250595 UPC 628011812230

Awarded Double-Gold at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

18% Alc./Vol. Delightfully bitter, a little peachy, herbaceous and off-dry. Made in the style of a traditional French Dry Vermouth, but with enough Vancouver Island character to stand on its own. Enjoy in a classic 2:1 Martini or perhaps on ice, split 50/50 with tonic water for a lovely light cocktail. 


500ml - Wholesale, $25.98 / MSRP, $39.98

SKU 250577 UPC 628011812254

18.2% Alc./Vol. For centuries, the British, French and Roman empires were ravaged by the fevers of malaria. A treatment was finally discovered in 1638, in the bark of the Cinchona tree; quinine. The British took this bitter medicine and created tonic water for their soldiers abroad. Gin followed soon after. In 1820, French chemists solved this bitter problem by isolating quinine from the bark and adding it to the wine rations of the Foreign Legionnaires. The result? The famous tonic wine known as Quinquina. This is our take, blending quinine with wild Vancouver Island Salal Berries, aged on our fortified blueberry-blossom mead. 


500ml - Wholesale, $23.98 / MSRP, $36.89

SKU 449994 UPC 628011812315

18% Alc./Vol. A classic French Apéritif married with wild elderflower from Vancouver Island, chamomile, orris root and bitter quinine. Made from mead using blueberry-blossom honey from British Columbia. The kina style of wine, or simply tonic wine, is the French answer to Britain's tonic water. Both of which were used in the first half of the 1900s as an effective treatment against malaria. Today, the style is enjoyed simply over ice, perhaps with a splash of sparkling water. For a delightful Elderflower Martini, with vibes of the iconic Vesper cocktail, use two parts gin to one part Kina-Blanc and stir over ice with a lemon peel garnish.

Bitter Orange

500ml - Wholesale, $23.98 / MSRP, $36.89

SKU 444979 UPC 628011812322

18% Alc./Vol.Orange blossom, vanilla, almond and herbaceous bitterness dance together in this citrus apéritif inspired by late-night tiki drinks with a bitter flare. Hints of cinnamon and clove make this bold apéritif shine in rum or gin based cocktails. Use wherever your creativity takes you or simply enjoy over ice and perhaps top with sparkling water while stargazing in the backyard.

Made from mead on the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Vino Miele Limoncello

500ml - Wholesale, $21.44 / MSRP, $32.98

SKU 444974 UPC 628011812339

22.9% Alc./Vol. Lemon and honey is a flavour combination that transcends the ages.It’s truly magical. As mead makers and digestif fanatics, combining traditional limoncello techniques and mead was an inevitability. Weonly make this recipe at home for friends and family, but over the yearsit’s become such a staple drink in our house that we figured it was time we made a big batch to share the magic. We hope it becomes as much a staple for you as it has for us. Enjoy over ice, whenever the mood strikes.

Palmer's Spiced Apple

500ml - Wholesale, $21.44 / MSRP, $32.98

SKU 345127 UPC 628011812353

18% Alc./Vol. Delightfully fortified for maximum enjoyment in many ways: poured straight over ice, lightened up with sparkling water, used in tasty cocktails (recipes on our website), or made into a Toddy with hot water, whisky and a squeeze of lemon. Traditionally spiced with clove and cinnamon, we've added extra botanical flare by blending in ginger, star anise, allspice, and a touch of rosemary and elderflower. Made from mead on the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Rootside Bitters & Mixers

When we're not busy making Vermouth, we also make Rootside! Rootside makes sparkling water and cocktails taste delightful. Our Bitters & Mixers are concentrated botanical flavourings that can be added to sparkling water and cocktails, just the way you like it. Find out more about rootside at www.rootside.ca


Aromatic-ish Bitters, 148ml - Wholesale $16.24 MSRP $24.99

Orange Bitters, 148ml - Wholesale $16.24 MSRP $24.99

Lavender Tonic Bitters, 148ml - Wholesale $16.24 MSRP $24.99

Root Beer Bitters, 148ml - Wholesale $16.24 MSRP $24.99

Cascadian Bitters, 148ml - Wholesale $16.24 MSRP $24.99

Coffee & Cardamon Bitters, 148ml - Wholesale $16.24 MSRP $24.99

Lemon Tonic Bitters, 148ml - Wholesale $16.24 MSRP $24.99

Ginger & Lemon Bitters, 148ml - Wholesale $16.24 MSRP $24.99

Roasted Dandelion Bitters, 148ml - Wholesale $16.24 MSRP $24.99


Ginger Beer Mix, 250ml - Wholesale $8.12, MSRP $12.49

Rosehip Lemonade Mix, 250ml - Wholesale $8.12, MSRP $12.49

Cardamom Citrus - Tonic Water Mix, 250ml - Wholesale $8.12, MSRP $12.49

Classic Dry - Tonic Water Mix, 250ml - Wholesale $8.12, MSRP $12.49

Root Beer Mix, 250ml - Wholesale $8.12, MSRP $12.49

Ginger Beer Mix

250ml - Wholesale, $8.12 / MSRP, $12.49

SKU GBM250 UPC 628011812261

Just add sparkling water! Each bottle makes 8-10 drinks.

The very first product we made back in 2015, and it's still our best seller! Our Ginger Beer Mix is made with lots of fresh ginger juice (pressed just the day before we blend our Ginger Beer) and a touch of real cane sugar. Works great with hot water too as a Ginger Tea! But frankly, it's fantastic in a Dark & Stormy or Moscow Mule. Want it a little more or less gingery? Just add a little more or less to taste.

Mix: 2 Tbsp. (30ml) Ginger Beer Mix, ice, your favourite spirit and top with sparkling water to taste. Alternatively, try hot water for a Ginger Tea or Hot Toddy.

Rosehip Lemonade Mix

250ml - Wholesale, $8.12 / MSRP, $12.49

SKU RHL250 UPC 628011812292

A pink lemonade coloured naturally with hibiscus flowers and flavoured with whole rosehips. It's everything you wished lemonade could be. Fantastically delicious with both still or sparkling water and even makes a beautiful rosehip lemon tea when used with hot water! Pro tip: try it in a French 75!

Mix: 2 Tbsp. (30ml) Rosehip Lemonade Mix with still, sparkling, or hot water to taste. Made with organic lemons, Bulgarian rosehips, and hibiscus flowers. Great for making cocktail sours or with a splash of local BC gin!

Cardamom & Citrus - Tonic Water Mix

250ml - Wholesale, $8.12 / MSRP, $12.49

SKU CCT250 UPC 628011812278

We use complementary botanicals specifically chosen to pair with great gins. Our mixers are a concentrate so you can make your Gin & Tonic exactly how you like it, a little more bitter, a little less, it's up to you. We like a 1:5 ratio of sparkling water to our mixers, but you do you!

Mix: 2 Tbsp. (30ml) Tonic Water Mix, ice, your favourite gin and top with sparkling water to taste. A subtle yet complex blend of citrus, bitter, and floral botanicals.

Classic Dry - Tonic Water Mix

250ml - Wholesale, $8.12 / MSRP, $12.49

SKU CDT250 UPC 628011812285

We made this classic style tonic water to pair with exciting, flavourful new-world gins, but we were blown away by how good it is with Esquimalt's Dry Vermouth. It's an unexpected new usual at our house. Mix 3/4 oz Classic Dry Tonic Mix with 4 oz Dry Vermouth and 4-5 oz Sparkling Water. A low-ABV dazzler!

Mix: 2 Tbsp. (30ml) Tonic Water Mix, ice, your favourite spirit and top with sparkling water to taste. This is a classic tonic, made better. Pairs best with a bold local gin.

Root Beer Mix

250ml - Wholesale, $8.12 / MSRP, $12.49

SKU RBM250 UPC 628011812308

Real rooty, rootin' Root Beer! .... This isn't your typical Root Beer syrup. We use whole roots and botanicals for a Root Beer that's more rooty than most. It's made to be mixed with dark, aged spirits like rum or whisky. It's got a bit of a bite and a flavour that just keeps going. Made with Sarsaparilla, Wintergreen, Roasted Dandelion Root, Allspice and Orris Root.

Mix: 2 Tbsp. (30ml) Root Beer Mix, ice and top with sparkling water to taste. Dark spirits like aged rum or whisky work wonders with this botanically driven Root Beer. Made with strong roots, on Vancouver Island.