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Limited Release Rosso Vermouth 1 Finished in Gin and 1 Finished in Whisky 2020
Coming in early December we're releasing two barrel aged varieties of our Rosso Vermouth! They've been patiently waiting for 13 months. Filled with batch #3 of our Rosso. One of these Stillhead distillery barrels used to hold their award winning Barrel Aged Gin, released last year. The other was filled with Stillhead Rye Whisky!

We filled both these barrels within two hours of them being emptied at Stillhead. Only 500 bottles from each barrel will be available! Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when these will be launched to the public. 
Coming late November or early December 2020 (depends if our much delayed bottles arrive on time!) - Signup to our newsletter for bottling and release details!