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Freeman Fabrication

Baking/Pizza Steel & Griddle | 3/8" Thick | Made In Canada

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  • Double-sided: One side Baking / Pizza Steel, one side Griddle with CNC'd grease channel
  • 3/8" thick steel
  • Made in Victoria, BC, Canada by Freeman Fabrication
  • 16" x 14" x 3/8" cold-rolled A36 Steel
  • 10kg
  • 18x more thermally conductive than a pizza stone
  • Laser-etched Esquimalt Seagull

Want to make the best pizza or sourdough bread possible at home without a wood fire oven? The Baking Steel is your answer.

Steel is 18x more thermally conductive than a pizza stone, this means it will pump out a ton more heat than your oven or barbeque normally can. Get crispy pizza in your home oven in 3 minutes flat. The griddle side will sear and develop wonderful caramelized crusts on smash-burgers or steaks without overcooking the centre.

With your steel inside, just turn your oven or barbeque up as high as it'll go. Once fully heated, you're ready to roll. 

Made in Victoria, BC by Freeman Fabrication

3/8” of solid cold-rolled A36 steel.

Great for replicating wood-fired ovens for bread baking too! Especially for tasty treats like Naan or baguettes!

14”x16” and laser-etched with our iconic seagull. One side is flat for pizza and bread making, while the other side we've CNC'd a grease channel into it so it can be used as a griddle! Did someone say smash burgers?!

Weighs in at a whopping 10kg!

For more information on how great these are, check out:

These DO NOT come seasoned. Before use, you'll need to season these just like you would a cast-iron pan. For more details on seasoning, read here:

Happy Pizza Making!

*for best results we recommend that you position the steel on the highest rack in your oven and then heat your oven up as hot as it'll go (500F) and then when you're ready to cook and the oven/steel is preheated, load your pizza in and then switch over to broil. This will ensure as much heat is put onto the top of the pizza while the pizza steel cooks the bottom.